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【 Future Plan 】
Those who NWC is aiming to

【We would like to contribute to a ubiquitous society】

 Because in today’s society information has become a concept that is used anytime, anywhere in a ubiquitous way, NWC introduces a new structure of information management which is based on “the agent layer concept”. Due to the recent technological innovations, various information terminals have come out. The more diverse the equipments, the more we try to perform the information input and output more conveniently. This begins from the hardware level and continues with the information infrastructure which should be designed to be “user-friendly”.
NWC wishes to contribute to the development of the information infrastructure of the future.
※【NWC】is Nihon Web Concepts.

【Agent Layer Concept】
We propose “the agent layer concept” as below for the construction of a ubiquitous information society. According to this concept, the venues of the information transmission in today's society are classified into five layers in which the ubiquitous concept database is the nucleus. The research of the feasibility of this concept restricts the type of information in the plan of development of client platforms. The venues of the information transmission in today's society are modeled into five layers from mobile agent functions point of view just like the information transmission mechanisms in the human nervous system. The ubiquitous concept database we propose is a database positioned in the first layer that performs the distributed management of the agents and the data. In this new and effective concept, the agents absorb the differences in conditions existing at the various layers, enabling users to obtain and transmit the necessary information in a ubiquitous manner (without consideration of the situation in which the other party exists).

  Agent Layer Concept and Ubiquitous Concept Databases  

  The Agent Layer Concept and Ubiquitous Concept Databases  

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