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【 About NWCO 】
Introducing the Company

【People are connected to each other through information】

In everyday life we adopt the latest technology, as it is useful and we find enjoyment in it. Nihon Web Concept struggles to develop the means that connect people through the Internet. We are trying to provide a comprehensive guide to the Internet users so they can learn how to use the technology and the programs they need.
※【NWCO】means Nihon Web Concepts。

【Company's articles of association】

    Development, production, sales and consulting in the industry of computer software
    Planning, production, management and consulting in the industry of home pages on the Internet
    Planning of announcements and production jobs
    Computer network planning
    Offer of the computer technical information in Japan and abroad
    Translation jobs
    Market survey in Japan and abroad
    Information processing service

【Company Information】

    Trade name: :    Nihon Web Concepts Inc.
    Alias: :    NWC, NWCO
    Address: :    1-15-9, 604, Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 112-0015
    Representative: :    Chief Executive Officer Keiji Mitsubuchi
    Capital: :    10 million Japanese yen
    Established: :    September 1997
    Fiscal term: :    at the end of every 12 months
    Customer bank: :    Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd
    Main customers: :    click!==>Here!
    Products: :    click!==>Here!
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