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    News management database and System renewal
(the Japanese industrial newspaper publishing company FujiSankei Business i.)2004.3
    Already our company has developed tools for the conversion to a database of the news stories and the news input and transmission system via browser and the management tool Renewal. We also constructed the mail magazine system.

    Talent matching system
(Eigotown.com corporation) 2003.11
    the construction of the system and the database that allow the matching of language teachers and students on the Internet. In this matching site the user who would like to study English finds a foreigner who would like to teach English. The site is divided in a students’ section and a teachers’ section, containing profiles, demands, conditions etc in both English and Japanese that are converted to a database where the matching is performed. It is possible to memorize for each teacher the current number of students, the information being available to the potential students, and the charges can be paid by credit card. The application was designed in the programming language for software development, php (Linux).


    Merchandise control system
(Tascosystems corporation) 2002.11
    Application for the stock data management using a browser entry system for sale and promotion data that is converted to a database. In order for the company to manage the internal stock, we designed a sale and promotion tool that uses browser entries and a tool for converting the information to a database. Orders form each store, made at any time through the Internet can be easily managed by the management section person in charge of that client. The software was developed in Perl (Linux).

    News management database system
(The Japanese industrial newspaper publishing company) 2002.11
    The conversion to a database of the news stories, transmission system and the news input system by the browser, construction of the management tool. The newspaper articles system allows the news to be sent to the Web site automatically. The news the reporter writes can be input using the browser from anywhere in the country. Inside the respective company the management employee’s permission for the respective piece of news is automatically indicated on the site during the dispatching time limit. The moment a template has been decided, it is possible to simply insert it with a reference type concerning the picture. The system was developed by nwc using the C language. Because the server of the client, the database server and the Web server are unified, the indicatory time of each article was shortened considerably, making use of the beforehand conversion to html of the news page.


    The construction of the mail delivery VOTE system
(Product sutra newspaper publishing company) 2001.11
    The mail magazine poll system on the “ichimy” site (VOTE) was constructed. The VOTE system shows the user the opinion poll by the total of votes indicated by a graph. The system is designed to develop a simultaneous management tool, in order to allow the site manager to increase the VOTE contents from the browser. The mail magazine system makes it possible to search for an object in the database using an optional condition in the structure. An index link to the news which is offered with the site can be inserted and a message created. The system also provides a template type that can operate modifications on the definite form thus making the composition easy.


    The construction of the "Ichimy" news transmission system
(Product sutra newspaper publishing company) 2001.4
    The databases of 4 separate newspapers are integrated and converted to a single database. An Internet system which transmits only the news the user selects is constructed. A comprehensive news site can be completely customized by each individual user. The individual data from the 4 newspapers are converted into a single database. The developed system allows the registered users to select news by category or keyword from all the news that are published every day. In addition, the user can select information on the living area, weather forecast, browse by genre keyword the TV program schedule, find information on changing the job according to his skills using a matching system, and others. The selection, installation and management of the development and of the hardware are provided. As for programming language for developing this software postgreSQL (Linux) and C language were used.


    Web purchasing system
(Product sutra newspaper publishing company) 2000.9
    Developing the newspaper purchase system and the management system on Internet. The system allows the purchase of the newspaper through Internet form PCs even from the portable carrier of EZ-web, j-skyweb and i-mode etc.. Simultaneous construction of a questionnaire system and a system that computes the customers’ data. The programming language for the development of this software is Pearl. A system that controls the printing of company’s internal printed matter correspondence was also constructed.

    Obscene image recognition system
Pornographic Intelligent Recognition System
(Gala Corporation) 1999.8
    When an obscene picture appears on the server and it is dispatched to the system which automatically selects it. The system applies a filter that extracts the form and color of the human skin computes certain percentages and analyzes it using AI.

    Language recognition system construction
(Gala Corporation) 1999.4
    The Conversation Summary Auto-Generation System is an essential technology; a learning function is added to the word processor improving language recognition and the process of understanding the meaning. The development method uses statistical techniques and neural networks (with backwards propagation).The study of stability is also performed in the view of increasing the system. We constructed this system.

    The construction of an Intranet man-hour management system
(The SONY enterprise corporation) 1999.1
    The developed IT technology allows the employees to input the job circumstances and the processes and the manager to administer it directly form the browser. We constructed a design system which increases labor effectiveness and management efficiency simultaneously.

    The construction of greeting card delivery system
(ynot Co.)1998.1
    One can select a favorite card on the Internet and automatically send it. The system sends an e-mail that contains the URL and the greeting card as an attachment to the message. We verified and analyzed the system, which is written in the 2bite language, in order to make work possible that such a system is translated in Japanese and a reminder service is supplementary developed in 4bite language. The software was developed in the C language.

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