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【Chief Executive Officer's resume】
Keiji Mitsubuchi

1961 born in Tokyo.
1983 visits the United States of America. Graduates the San Francisco University with the major in Computer Science and the Stanford University Computer Science and Mathematics with the major in loyal retainer acquisition. Employed at the American Omron Corporation for the Santa Clara laboratory of Cybernetics and Image recognition where he does research on the learning functions.
1994 Leaves Omron Corporation for independence. In the Silicon Valley, establishes Try Unity Corporation and 3WC Concepts Corporation.
1997 back to Japan establishes the Nihon Web Concept Corporation.
2002 establishes the America & San Francisco 3U.COM Corporation.

Hobbies:   programming, ceramic art, driving, metal and glass polishing
Things you need in daily life:   : PC and Pocari Sweat (type of drink)
Favorite animal:    cat
Favorite saying:    "Once in a lifetime"

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