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    Technical consulting
(Eigotown.com Corporation) 2003.2
    Analysis and advice concerning the internal existing Web system of the company and hardware selection. Using mainly English we proposed improvements from the company’s internal Intranet to the Web site.。

    Technical consulting
(NTT Docomo Corporation) 2001.4
    Advice concerning load PC and ubiquitous functions.

    Technical consulting
((NTT Data Corporation) 2001.4
    We proposed the application of AI and a recommendation system *.
  * Recommendation system: buying past records of the customer, from information retrieval and circumstances of click, estimation and judgment of hobby tastes, etc the system recommends information about the commodity to which it corresponds and to which the customer responds quickly.

    Technical consulting
(Flower Firm Corporation) 2000.4
    Analysis and advice concerning the company’s existing internal system. Using mainly English, we provided technical advice such as the presently used system and an ASP comparison analysis with other companies.

【Lectures and other】

    Lectures on Web production and various ASP applications
(Digital Hollywood Corporation) 2003.7
    Lecturing on the management of system design, hardware, etc as well as giving an introductory talk on the appraisal of development costs and how to adjust the system to the customer’s specifications. Lecture concerning ASP.

    About the venture business start-up in America
(NPO "One Style" student exchange program) 2003.8
    The lecture confronts the American and Japanese venture start-up and explains the point of difference of recognition of the student in possible role of Japan in the new ubiquitous age.

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    Agent layer conception and the ubiquitous layer database
(Information telecommunication network industrial association) 2003.1
    We propose the ubiquitous and agent layer concepts as below in order to construct the information society. From the functional agent’s point of view information transmission in today's society is classified into five layers that offer what is needed for the information society by using the ubiquitous database concept that is the database which becomes especially the nucleus. As a research of feasibility of this conception, we are first planning to restrict the development of the client platform from the point of view of the type of the information that is diminished. The place of the information transmission in today's society is similar to the information transmission mechanisms in the human nervous system so from the mobile functional agent point of view it is classified into 5 layers. Furthermore, we propose the concept of ubiquitous database as the database which is positioned in the first layer and performs the distributed management of the agents and the data. We believe that this concept is new and effective because of its features like e.g., it absorbs the differences of the agents’ circumstances in the respective class, it is possible to ubiquitously dispatch and acquire the necessary information (without considering the circumstances where the partner inputs it for the user).

    About the present condition of business in the Silicon Valley
(New Marketing Association) 1999.10
    Lecture about the IT strategy concerning the business circumstances in the American West Coast Silicon Valley, details and background of development environment.

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