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【Home page production】

    Enviro Tech International
    ETI (Enviro Tech International) Web site production.

    Japan USF Association
(University of San Francisco)2003.9 ,2003.12
    Japanese site production for the American California State San Francisco University.
The online registration system was installed at the time of the event. (Japanese English)

(Scola Co. ltd.)2003.8
    This is the site of the beautiful bilingual necromancer and teacher Annikaneon who runs and turns the world.
The 12 constellation fortune-telling method is also published. (Japanese English)

    Volunteer support program
(Sano environmental city planning office) 2000.10-closed
    We constructed the compilation, login and the bbs system as well as the design of this page.

    Chiba prefecture Kyonan Cho (Japanese only)
    We collected the data and designed the production of the page. It is the sight-seeing guide page of Kyonan Cho in Chiba prefecture.

    Japanese Pool Amenity Facilities Association (Japanese only)
    Production and renewal of the web page design and Q&A database system.

    Hiprune (Japanese only)
(Hiprune Corporation)1998.7
    We produced the Q&A database system and the design of the web page.


    Photo studio "Mirai" (Japanese only)
(photographer Nobuo Watanabe)1998.5
    We made the design of the page.

    "Burns page" (Japanese only)
(Kawazoe Clinic)1997.10
    We collected the materials and produced the design of the page.

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