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    Portable telephone fortune-telling calendar system
    The system is implemented on mobile phones and when the user inputs his birth date the system indicates the lucky days for that person in the calendar. You can see a picture that can be downloaded.

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    The construction of a news delivery system
(Industrial Economic Newspaper Publishing Company) 2002.1
    This is the system which transmits the news data from ichimy to other companies. We constructed an ASP system that allows the transmission of the news to the client enterprise via Intranet using a limitation imposed by keyword. It is possible to transmit the data form every client.

    The construction of a fortune-telling server ASP system
    The astrological calculation ASP system uses the database architecture to provide from date of birth a fortune-telling result. In order to enable the transmission the fortune-telling system from the "the door of fortune-telling" Web site, ASP conversion is used, the portal site for every genres is available as a part of the user service. The user inputs from the portal site the date of birth, etc. form, ond the fortune-telling result picture is dispatched from the fortune-telling server. Because the fortune-telling result picture that is designed from the portal site page is drawn up on recognition system already developed, it is a unique system. In 2002, because of business contents of the mobile telephone site the transmission procedure was improved.

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